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Our Brand Story, The Humble Beginnings of That Mobile Shop!



The Brand Story of That Mobile Shop

Legend has it that a group of friends who are avid photographers on a journey to learn photography, gathered together one day in a nice cozy cafe named 'Coava Coffee, The Public Brew Bar & Roastery' in Portland. They shared openly about their challenges in learning the trade of photography. That day, the Coffee was as good as the ideas that flowed across the table! Together, they identified that there was a need to be fulfilled, somewhat a mission! And these friends made it they life long quest to fulfill this mission!

The Mission of That Mobile Shop

These friends identified that there is no store that caters to the needs of travelling mobile nomads. People that are looking to buy cell phone accessories online usa are simply lost in cyberspace.

In this day and age, people are very moblie, either due to work, family or even travelling the world! The travelling mobile nomads love to have gadgets with them that can address their sometimes demanding needs due to a rough terrain or being couple of days on the road. Gadgets identified has to be robust and fit to the grueling needs of these travelling mobile nomads.

Hence, on that very day, itself, they christened "That Mobile Shop" and went out on a journey to only source for the best gadgets and gift ideas for the travelling mobile nomads and photographers that embark on the journey in the world of photos, lights and sounds!

These friends can't go on this journey alone, they need our support! And they sincerely hope from their heart that you will support them buy browsing this online shop, buying the products and giving a little shout out about ThatMobileShop.com;

We hope that over time, everybody looking to buy cell phone accessories online usa will shout out #LoveThatMobileShop. Thank you for reading Our Little Humble Brand Story!