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Big Enter Anti Stress Key Pillow

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Have you ever felt like smashing your keyboard?

Perhaps you just had a quarrel with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? Just finished a meeting with an unreasonable client?
NOW U CAN .... Take your frustration out without getting fired!
This is not just a pillow, its soft and comfy to the touch! 
Simply plug in the USB into your computer, push the button, and it works as if you pressed the enter button on your keyboard.

  • Use it for Stress Relief, Vent -- While you are at work or bored with playing games, don’t you often have the impulsion to hit your keyboard? Hit the pillow hard!
    Vent your anger & Let off steam!! 

  • Sleep -- When you feel tired, lie on it and have a nap to rest. Wish you a sweet dream!

  • Giant Enter Button : 20*14 cm


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